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“How To Make Money With Your Own Resell Site,
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Have you struggled to succeed in your online business but have so far gotten no results? Take the fast lane to launching your business online.

I think you'll agree that this affiliate marketing stuff isn't as easy as the 'guru's' have said.

Chances are, you've been overloaded with information and you feel numb, frustrated and a little sick to the stomach because you don't know where to start...

...And, if you have already started, you're probably tired of not seeing results from all the hard work and effort you've put into the site you created.

It can feel like you've put together a 1000 piece puzzle only to find you're missing a piece.

Getting your online business up and running takes a lot of trial and error. It's hard work. You can spend months doing keyword research and market analysis, developing content and doing SEO, working on the tech on the back end - and still not get traffic or revenue.

You can't afford to dabble while your competitors move fast.

No doubt you've seen or heard this phrase from Zig Ziglar:

"You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want in life"

And, that is my goal for you. I want to help you build a profitable business. It doesn't matter if you are just getting started or if you have been at it for years. It doesn't matter of you've joined a "team build" or you are doing it on your own.

Done with DIY? With Done For You Resell Masters Business Builder, we do all the hard work for you so you can focus on running your business. From design through to launch we make it our mission to create a website that looks professional and perfectly reflects you.

When you build your online business with us we're with you every step of the way, so you can make the most out of your website from launch.

The many benefits of online business include:

Global access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Improved client service through greater flexibility
Faster delivery of products
Increased professionalism
Opportunities to manage your business from anywhere in the world.

Four reasons why online businesses are the best investment entrepreneurs can make.

Offers incredible scalability
Provides limitless freedom
Low overhead and high margins
Access to a worldwide market

The beautiful thing about an online business is the ability to run it 24/7 without boundaries. There are no geographical boundaries and there are no specific hours of operation - an online business can produce revenue around the clock, even while you sleep.

Are you ready to get yourself and your services/products in front of your audience?

Do you feel it's time to showcase your online business in a professional way and get your first clients?

Let me ask you this.

How long would it take for you to...

Find the right script for your membership site?
Put together a group of products or training to offer your members?
Create your website graphics?
Build and customize your pages? (sales page, one time offer pages, members main pages, paid members pages, lead magnet pages)
Write promotional material for your site?
Create your promotional graphics?
Install and test everything?

Weeks, months or longer? And what would all that cost?

Don't Waste Time & Money Trying
To Figure It All Out On Your Own...

You Get Over 12 Years Of Experience Instantly
Poured Into Your New Online Business!

My Offer:

A TurnKey Membership Site, complete with products, pages, promotional emails and banners...you just add you Name and Paypal information, sit back and collect !00% of the Profits!


Online Resell Rights Products site includes:

Lead Magnet Page [VIEW HERE} (each site comes with a different lead magnet page/products)

Upsell/Dowsell Offer Page Options (See Below Options)

#1 Master Resell Rights Offer [VIEW HERE}

#2 Coaching Offer [VIEW HERE}

#3 Private Label Rights Offer [VIEW HERE}

#4 Empower Yourself Offer [VIEW HERE}

#5 PLR Money Powerhouse Offer [VIEW HERE}

#6 Learning Center Offer [VIEW HERE}

#7 Webmaster Videos Offer [VIEW HERE}

#8 5K System Offer [VIEW HERE}

Pick the two offer pages that are right for you.

Your get 3 Membership Levels, 2 Paid Levels, 1 Free Level
Premium Level #1 - HOT Master Resell Rights Products Upsell (Dozens of products)
Premium Level #2 - HOT Private Label Rights Products Downsell (Dozens of products)
Free Level - A minimum of a dozen products

Online Resell Rights Products site includes: Multiple MRR and PLR products turn key business that comes with all the products installed on your site.

I average well over 20 sales a week with this group of products, and it is all on auto pilot. So how does an extra $1200, $1500, $2000 or more per month sound?

They can also be sold individually with as upsell averaging $15 a sale for each of the 36 MRR or 115 PLR products... that alone on a single sale of the 36 products is $540 and I do that weekly.

And how do you promote your website you ask?

Not to worry... We have you covered with that too.

We start with:

3 seperate SOLO ADS mailings to promote your site... A $111 Value
3 months of free giveaway event upgrades to promote your site... A $56 Value
PLUS a bonus of 1000+ Leads you can use to promote anything you like... $$$ Value

And you pick the page that's right for you!

A Lead Magnet for List Building...

or A Sales Page for Sales...

The Online Business I am going to personally build for you can potentially make you $1000's each and every month.

Some of the people who have hired this service are now making $100+ per DAY!

We've helped people make their first sale, their first $100 day, their first $1000+ month and best of all and more importantly, we've helped change peoples lives!

Many of our customers buy these sites to see how it's done so they get a better understanding of how to build successful niche sites.

Some continue building additional sites, while others replicate what we've done or hire us again to build sites to grow their passive income stream.

Powerful features you will
discover with our system

Options for free, paid memberships, or both.
Broadcast mailer, send to single member, free members, paid members or all members.
Manage member details page allows admin to pull up information on any member. Members can be sorted by name, user name,
email, or member id.
Built in affiliate system helps to make your product viral. All members become affiliates immediately. The admin area allows you
to set the percentage of each sale that affiliates will receive.
Customize site name, meta description, and meta keywords.
Customize pages, OTO's and login ads from the admin area.
Customize Disclaimer, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy from the admin area.
Built in autoresponder function. Build A List. Set messages to go out days and weeks after signups.
Built in referral builder, set you programs for added cash.
Referral contest for members recruitment.
Promo eMails, banners ,text ads and viral thank you ads.
Add banners for pages and logins to your selected programs or products.
Free membership, paid membership and OTOs all have their own customizable sales page and download page.
Downline referral mailer. Allows your members to mail thier downline referrals.
Super easy to edit pages directly from the admin area.
Easy to customize source code. The php code in the My Members script is not encoded. This makes it easy to either change the
code yourself or hire it out to add your own custom features.

Best of all... each business comes with a full affiliate program so others can not only recruit, but make sales for you. Just offer a commission for the sales and watch as your bank account soars!

Use the membership to...

Create an incredible offer and let others promote your
offers by giving commissions to entice promotions.


Use it as your own...

Enter your free download to capture subscriber to your list, then with the built in
auto responder function simply enter emails and set day to deliver email
messages day after day for promoting your products or affiliate offers.

Resell Masters

"I have had 6 of these built and they are by far excellent work done by Mr. Railey. Thank you sir," - JC Sanchez

"If you are serious about starting an online business then I highly recommend this resource!" - Nathan Hale

"I *have* worked with both the big WP plugin scripts – but this beats them hands down. Simply put, it makes running a membership site childsplay." - Mike Anderson

"An excellent choice for my business, and it saved me a fortune." - Brooke Shipman

"David will give everyone the freedom to make a membership site out of almost any niche/topic they want!" - Ben Lewis

"Honestly! This is one great product. You provide the sweetest products for anyone with a desire to make more money. " - Mark Adams

"This is the best value I've ever seen. Truly awesome! You simply can't go wrong with this one. Seriously thank you David." - Howard Duncan

"This has all the bells and whistles I was looking for. What a great deal. Thanks David." - Bill Hudson

"I can't believe how simple it was to set up and manage. This is definitely a program that is "Newbie" friendly and yet still powerful enough to manage a large membership. I fully endorse this program for it's very low cost and ease of use." - Jack Avery

Here's what we do:

100% Done For You - Multie page websites - everything ready to go
Install The Membership Script*
Design the Graphics (you can choose from over 4 Dozen templates)
Build and install all the pages (Sales, One Time Offer, Members Areas and Lead Magnet)
Provide You WIth Professional Written Promotional Emails
Provide You WIth Professional Promotional Banners
Creating Your Lead Magnet (Squeeze page to drive subscribers to your site)
Monetize Your Membership Site For You (Your other products or services)
Provide all applicable products.
Website Promotions for subscribers:
3 months of free giveaway event upgrades to promote your site... A $56 Value
3 seperate SOLO ADS mailings to promote your site... A $111 Value
PLUS a bonus of 1000+ Leads you can use to promote anything you like... $$$ Value

Here's what you do:

Choose your headline and subheadline
Choose a template style for your Online Business
Tell us where to install it
And we take care the rest!

Dozens Of Templates to Choose From

[Click Here To View Templates]

Here's what you DON"T do:

Find purchase and install a membership script
Find or create products for you business
Create sales, one time offer and offer pages
Create a lead magnet for subscriber to your business
Create email copy for your business
Create graphics for your business
Add products to your site to get your business going
Purchase ads to start your business
Invest weeks or months of your time and money to start as well as promote your online business

The Positive Aspects of a Done For You Online Business...

Done for you Online Business are good because they're simple, yet potentially very lucrative.

Rather than spending potentially $10,000's developing, testing, and tweaking your own sales system, you can simply use an existing system. One that is proven to convert.

The landing pages, email followups, products, sales, and customers are all taken care of. So your primary role is sending as much targeted traffic to the offer as possible, in a way that makes you profit.

With our multi traffic package included, you will have an instant traffic source.

The great aspects to a done for you internet business. Systems like this can make your life easier in some respects, and can potentially earn you a decent income.

"Because Owning This Online Business Model is
The Best Thing That Could Ever Happen To You!"


"1000+ LEADS"
YES I'm giving you 1000+ Scratch that...
5000+ All New Fresh Hot Leads from this year (2020).
A $67 Value

Use these leads to help promote your site or any offers you want. "Never struggle for leads again"

You Can Have Your Own HIGH-TICKET Coaching Program
Up and Running In Under a Week

(Without Speaking To Anyone On The Phone OR Using Skype If You Don't Want To)

"...Even If You Have Never Coached Anyone In Your Life"

If You've Thought About Coaching Before But Were Put Off Because You Don't Have Any Experience, Products Or You Don't Think You're An Expert... Then You've Been Coming At It From The WRONG Angle! Is It Finally Time To Start Changing Things For Yourself? Let me show you how you can include coaching into your business on your OWN TERMS

One Time Payment Of $197 $97
Both MRR and PLR $97 $67
2 Paid Levels

Your business can be up and running in days...

Take full control of your very own professional online business, and be proud of your asset you finally have in your hand. Marvel at the professional branding and design, benefit from the tsunami of traffic you're about to receive. Ready to give you an instant headstart in the top moneymaking niches of 2019 and beyond...

Do whatever it takes to convince yourself that it is possible to finally succeed with your own online business. Get ready for a brand-new horizon - astounding & afresh for 2020.

So How Much Is It?

I want you to decide, so ask yourself this:

How much is having the ability to save the time and failures required to gain the knowledge to building such business from scratch, to turn your world up side down, to claim ownership on such a professional online business and high conversions sales funnel which in return, can easily turn into a massive amount of cash, worth?

Only YOU know the answer to that question... So think about it for a minute.

I also know for sure that you haven't been offered such a professional online business package simply because NO guru out there will practically give up his winning business structure and model, because i've been where you are now, and I'll never forget it.

I'm offering you something that no-one on the internet ever offered, or will offer you up to now!

..And I'm not going to charge you thousands of dollars for this custom built online business... In fact, you'll get an entire niche online business package with everything included for the lowest price as possible.

Most services like this with the amount of content and work poured into these sites charge anywhere between $2500 - $3000 and to be honest, these prices are fair!

But I know not everyone is going to have that kind of money and I want YOU to be able to take advantage of this without breaking the bank, so I've put together a special price but it's only for a limited amount of people.

I'm not going to charge $3000+ but I do have to make this worth my time.

You Can Order Today For Only $997 $97 $67 one time

And believe me when I tell you that is an incredible DEAL!

We can only handle 5 of these sites per month so if you miss out, unfortunately, you'll have to wait.

We do this because we only create quality sites with quality content and quality my friend takes time...

The site we are going to create for you is crafted following my proven system following strict guidelines - if it's missing certain elements the site won't earn its potential.

And unlike other services which are quickly slapped together to make a buck, you will be getting over 10 years experience poured into your new business following my strict guidelines so you have every fighting chance to make GOOD money online.

No more guessing, no more spending hours staring at the screen wondering what to do...Your online business is done and ready to promote.

"Invest For Yourself" Get started right now!

Here's what you get...

WE design the graphics for you - (or use your design logo)
WE build all of the pages for your onlne business (sales, one time offers, members area download, lead magnet)
WE provide professionally written emails
WE provide promotional banners
WE monetize your business
WE upload all applicable products
3 months of free giveaway event upgrades to promote your site

A $1997 Value!

Be your own boss, control and master your future!

Claim Your very Own Custom Built High-End Online Business Model TODAY!

Here's How To Get Your Done For You Business


Order Today For Only $1997 $997 $97
Save Over 90% Today!

One Time Payment Of $197 $97
Both MRR and PLR $97 $67
2 Paid Levels

It's time to get started on your new site.

Don't wait any longer. Your competition is searching for new niches, new opportunities, and new ways to attract visitors. The longer you wait, the further behind you'll be. Start your new site now.

To your marketing success,

Eddie Rushton

WARNING Done For You Online Business Closes AGAIN in a few days (or when the few spots sell out, whichever happens sooner) This may be your LAST Chance in 2021


* Installed on your hosting account. If you do not have a hosting account we offer one for $4.97 monthly or can recommend one.

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